Kelly S.

Barbara was wonderful! I really enjoyed my time with her. Unfortunately due to my busy schedule I had to postpone my lessons for a later date, but I am very excited to start up again in a few months when my schedule opens up again.

Sophia S.

I am having a wonderful singing lesson experience with Ms B. Alexander. I have learned so much is 3 wks such as voice control, voice Thai Chi, and most importantly voice control. I look forward to continuing my lessons with Ms. Alexander. I believe that she will successful help me achieve my goals as a singer.

Tia S.

My child has just started taking singing lessons. Due to Barbara understanding and knowledge she's making it a very good experience.

Scarlet A.

Barbara is an excellent music instructor. I have had 3 sessions so far and feel like I have learned so much from her. I can't wait to see how much more I will improve in the next 3 sessions. I'm glad I signed up for singing lessons at the Alexander Music Studio!

Rez J.

Barbara was tough and got results from day 1 - I found range that I thought I had lost years ago. She made my performance a once-in-a-lifetime memory!

Jay W.

From the initial contact via email to telephone all the way into the first meeting with Babs Alexander my experuerience was nothing shy of extraordinarily pleasent. Excellent people skills, friendly and attentive to my personal situation with no problems accommodating scheduling needs. Highly recommended to anyone searching for genuine concern and help.

Sharon G.

My experience with Barbara has been awesome! I have been taking voice lessons since February. Since working with her i have gained so much more confidence.She has taught me several breathing techniques that have helped me to expand my vocal range. --

Laura R.

My first experience with Barbara was amazing! Her work ethics and professionalism are exceptional as well. I love how comfortable and encouraged she makes one feel. She also seems very knowledgeable and experienced about music. I loved it!

Lauren T.

What can I say but it was amazing! Loved her from the beginning. My goal was to sing for my husband at our wedding. He is a very talented singer but I'm not. Barbara helped me find my range so I could sing with confidence and share a special moment with him at our reception. We will be coming back!

Sejal A.

My experience working with Barbara has been amazing. She has taught me so much, and in return I learned a lot. She is a great teacher and is always pushing me to be my best and try new things. When preparing for auditions, I always walk out of my lesson with so much more confidence than I started with. In addition, with the techniques she has taught me my voice has grown so much stronger. She is an excellent teacher.

Duane S.

outgoing, fun, gave me more confidence in my voice, instead of being a quiet singer I was told to just let my voice go, and after I left all I did was practice what I was taught and I already feel like I could take on the world. but not gonna get ahead of myself.. there's is more to work on, I can't wait. Tuesday will rock. thank you.

Chandra G.

Barbara is amazing. She is really knowledgeable about singing technique and also brings in some new techniques that I've never tried before. If you can find a spot, I recommend her highly!

Maureen K.

My daughter Jane is fourteen and is a student at the Alexander Music Studio. She receives private vocal instruction from Barbara. Ms. Alexander is a highly trained, passionate and professional instructor. She has an amazing raport with her students and has been able to create an environment of respect,creativity and discipline that allows each student to develop their craft and enhance their confidence and ability as a performer. Her studio offers many unique opportunities for the students such as concerts, symposiums and workshops. During these events students can receive state of the art training and knowledge from professionals working in the field and even ENTdoctors that can educate them on how to properly use their voice, and know how to take the best care of their bodies to ensure peak performance. I cannot say enough about this studio or about Ms. Alexander, she is incredibly talented and has the special gift of being able to share that talent to help others reach their goals.

Cythia M.

I realy enjoy working with Ms. Alexander, she was my son Music Teacher at Longfellow school in CT. she works very well with the kisds and all the kids loved her.

Courtney S.

Barbara is an excellent musician that pays attention to detail and emphasizes the importance of good training and formal education. She is extremely well versed in vocal training, various types of repertoire, classical and secular styles and piano/accompaniment. She is extremely dedicated and demands excellence and discipline from her students. I would highly recommend her as a music teacher, mentor and vocal coach!

Rakeya T.

Barbara is a blast!!!! She is very energetic and enjoys working with children. Barbara uses her passion for theatre and the love she has for music, as one of many tools to make her just a unique educator.

Kirby G.

While a student at Jackson State University I sang in the Choir and Chorale with Barbara. She has a beautiful yet powerful voice for a soprano. If you're in need of a singer or voice coach she is well versed and trained.

George M.

Barbara has shown a great deal of patience working with all her students. She works with a variety of talents, needs, and backgrounds of students and gives them all her upmost greatest effort. Her performance speaks for itself.

Tanisha G.

Awesome teacher. Beautiful spirit. She brings out the best in you. Always full of encouragement. She never says "you can't" or "that song is to hard for you". She will work with you until it's right.

Valerie B.

I really enjoyed my session, it was amazing!

Hannah C.

Ukulele Lessons (for children or teenagers)