Finding Your Tessitura

Maestro, give me the key of B. Is this you or do you know where to find the most comfortable spot for your voice?

Many people do not know what is their sweet spot in singing. The area where you can sing various timbres of your voice and be able to hit the notes comfortably without straining. There are various styles of singing more than head voice and chest voice, but in identifying these voices can you find the medium that will allow you to sing in your various passages.

Finding your comfort zone and the range that you would like to sing and understanding your voice is the key in finding your tessitura. What is a Tessitura? it is an Italian word which translates as “texture” in English and defined by Merriam Dictionary as the range within which most notes of a vocal part fall.

Knowing the comfort and the ability of your voice and knowing the range of your voice will help you identify and know what your range for tessitura is. You need to find yourself a collection of songs that can showcase your range and your ability. Put everything in your music library in that way, when it is time for you to sing you can easily find the song that is suited for you. Also, if you’re not feeling a certain song and you feel like you can’t reach the notes at that time, it is more likely that you would pull something from your library that’s why it is important to know the songs that is in your right range and the keys that you are comfortable with so you could be able to sing something to your ability and not feel like you are straining. It is important that you find your best voice at that time.

If you are thinking and feel like your voice is fatigued in one area or you’re just not feeling like you’re not going to be able to hit the note that day and you’re going to have problems then you definitely need to look at the lower register of your voice. You should understand your vocal range because finding the sweet spot of your voice is essential. The more you develop and practice these habits and being able to sing at the high and low of your range will take you to the most comfortable way of finding out your tessitura. Will it always be the same? The answer is No. This is why you always have more than one song in your repertoire.

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