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Barbara Alexander is a native of Gary, Indiana. Opera Singer, Entrepreneur, Theater Director, Music Teacher,  CEO, and Vocal Coach, just to name a few.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with an emphasis in voice and a  Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership. She has been teaching voice for over 30 years and has trained well over 1000 people. Barbara has trained as an opera singer and has performed in 38 states and 4 countries. She has performed in five languages and counting. She has students all over the world online and in the studio. She has been noted for her knack of working with children and helping them to understand how to find their voice through childhood terms they can relate to.
Miss Alexander has been/is a member of the National Education Association, National Association for Music Education, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Network of Executive Women of Milford, Arts Council of Greater New Haven, Cultural of Fairfield County. She is the owner of the Performing Arts Academy of CT LLC, Tutors for Teachers Certification LLC and the founder of Arts in CT (nonprofit organization).
She has been the state choir director of the youth department in the Southeast District in Florida, town chorus director in Ft Myers, FL. Certified music teacher in the public schools since 1994. Miss Alexander owns several corporations and continues to make an impact on her local Community wherever she goes.
She has trained and taught clients from beginners to professionals. Her clients have edition or appeared on the Voice, The Apollo, American Idol, America’s got talent, Miss Sweden,, Miss Connecticut, Broadway, recording artist, directors, Students gaining their first lead and the list continues. Miss Alexander has a passion and a lover for the arts.
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people say about us

Love T.

I loved Arts in CT. It helped me with my singing. It improved my dancing and acting skills. It allowed me to have confidence in speaking to others. Most of all Arts in CT was a spectacular experience. 

John and Ullysis

My son learned so much in just a few months doing the voice lessons with Barbara.  The lesson are fun and engaging for kids!  My son can’t wait for voice lesson days.  I would recommend this to any parent who wants their child to learn how to sing while enjoying the process. 

Jonathon M

Barbara has shown a great deal of patience working with all her students. She works with a variety of talents, needs, and backgrounds of students and gives them all her upmost greatest effort. Her performance speaks for itself.

Sharon G.

My experience with Barbara has been awesome! I have been taking voice lessons since February. Since working with her i have gained so much more confidence.She has taught me several breathing techniques that have helped me to expand my vocal range. --

Laura R.

My first experience with Barbara was amazing! Her work ethics and professionalism are exceptional as well. I love how comfortable and encouraged she makes one feel. She also seems very knowledgeable and experienced about music. I loved it!

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Lauren T.

What can I say but it was amazing! Loved her from the beginning. My goal was to sing for my husband at our wedding. He is a very talented singer but I'm not. Barbara helped me find my range so I could sing with confidence and share a special moment with him at our reception. We will be coming back!

Olivia S

I am delighted to write a testimonial on Barbara’s behalf . She has been both my daughters voice coach since 2019. She has helped them grow tremendously in their skill and confidence , and is an incredible teacher that brings understanding of singing even to young children like mine (8 and 12), She has been so devoted to both girls , even prepped and accompanied us to America’s Got Talent ! We are so happy to have found a voice instructor so talented and versatile ! I highly recommend her !

Gloria Stern

Chandra G.

Barbara is amazing. She is really knowledgeable about singing techniques and also brings in some new techniques that I've never tried before. If you can find a spot, I recommend her highly!

Courtney S.

Barbara is an excellent musician that pays attention to detail and emphasizes the importance of good training and formal education. She is extremely well versed in vocal training, various types of repertoire, classical and secular styles and piano/accompaniment. She is extremely dedicated and demands excellence and discipline from her students. I would highly recommend her as a music teacher, mentor and vocal coach!

Rakeya T.

Barbara is a blast!!!! She is very energetic and enjoys working with children. Barbara uses her passion for theatre and the love she has for music, as one of many tools to make her just a unique educator.

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